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HAMLET MIGRATION……UMO explores the current refugee crisis through the lens of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Ghost clowns sailing across the sea of humanity in a skeleton ship, lamenting the story of Hamlet…sharing our common collective stories of loss through lament and laughter.

This project explores themes of the privileged class, weighted down with the sins of the fathers, feeling the sting of inaction, in the face of crushing world calamity; specifically, the plight of the refugees across the world. UMO Ensemble members, two European circus performers, local choirs and an integrated audience will share and explore these themes through the text of HAMLET. Songs of lament. Stark imagery. Intense physical movement.

“We are using Hamlet as an analogy to the journey of the Syrian refugees, attempting to capture the moment before death, the drowning moment of thousands of displaced people. These people don’t want to leave their home country, but are faced with the choice of leaving, or being killed. They leave their homes, businesses, families, and culture. They leave without food enough to sustain them. They leave carrying their children. They leave without a world mobilized to support them, and they die. Thousands of men, women, and children die in rafts in waters from one ground where they are hunted to another where they are unwelcome." - Aimee van Roekel

To balance the somber experience, UMO created a new collection of classic European clowns - Ghost Clowns - to explore this tragic event in our times. UMO invited European circus duo Rosario Amato from Italy and his partner Marina Messogiorno-Brown to partner with this new work. Together they bring a wide range of knowledge from the current European circus and clown community, unique partner choreography and acro skills and a breadth of first-hand experience of the refugee crisis in Europe. 

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